Maroon ribbons highlight philanthrophic support

April 12, 2016

MaroonRibbons-2For Alumni Weekend, students placed maroon ribbons around campus to highlight many of the spaces, programs and projects made possible thanks to generous and thoughtful gifts from donors.

These ribbons represent the tangible ways that philanthropic dollars support our campus, and the magnitude of the impact of these gifts made an impression on the community and on the many visitors on campus for Alumni Weekend.

Even with this show of color, the maroon ribbons do not begin to recognize all of the people affected by gifts — students receiving scholarships, professorships funded by donors,  the endowment and operating funds that support every aspect of college life year after year.

Roanoke is extraordinary.  Every day, like generations of individuals who have lived and worked on this campus before, Roanoke is touched by the generosity and commitment of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, corporations, foundations, and friends of the College.