Campaign Volunteer Leadership

Roanoke is rising and we have ambitious plans in place to rise even higher. Roanoke Rising: The Campaign for Roanoke College is our chance to make Roanoke better, stronger, and more accessible.  During the campaign, the fundraising effort is spearheaded by a national Campaign Steering Committee. Over the course of the public phase, 12 regional campaign areas have been identified to help us coordinate our fundraising effort across the nation. Below is a list of campaign volunteers as of April 13, 2013.

Campaign Steering Committee

Morris M. Cregger Jr. ’64 Co-Chair
Donald J. Kerr ’60 Co-Chair
Nancy B. Mulheren ’72 Co-Chair
Robert E. Wortmann ’60 Co-Chair
Pamela L. Cabalka ’76 Roanoke Fund
Joseph H. Carpenter IV ’99 Hampton Roads Co-Chair
W. Morgan Churchman ’65 Philadelphia Co-Chair
William P. Coles IV Roanoke Valley Co-Chair
Mimi Coles Roanoke Valley Co-Chair
Malon W. Courts ’92 At-Large; Atlanta Co-Chair
Warner N. Dalhouse ’56 Community Advisory Group
Mary Elizabeth Ellis ’63 Richmond Co-Chair
Joseph J. Fields ’78 Baltimore Co-Chair
Judith B. Hall ’69 New York Co-Chair
Kathryn S. Harkness ’73 At-Large; Washington, D.C. Co-Chair
C. Steven Harkness ’69 Washington, D.C. Co-Chair
Peggy F. Horn ’78 Atlanta Co-Chair
Michael W. Lantz ’87 Richmond Co-Chair
Scott H. Lustgarten ’87 Philadelphia Co-Chair
Michael L. McCartin Parent Leadership Council, Ex-Offico
Anna K. McCartin Parent Leadership Council, Ex-Offico
Terri P. Maxey At-large
Shaun M. McConnon ’66 At-Large; New England Vice Chair
Barry T. Meek ’91 Charlottesville Co-Chair
Diedrich D. Oglesbee Jr. ’95 Alumni Executive Council
Roger A. Petersen ’81 At-Large
Elizabeth W. Purvis ’72 Baltimore Co-Chair
Terry L. Purvis ’69 Baltimore Co-Chair
John B. Reichenbach New England Co-Chair
Margaret Lynn Reichenbach New England Co-Chair
Elizabeth A. Rhodes ’78 Richmond Co-Chair
Stephen F. Rhodes ’74 Richmond Co-Chair
Robert E. Rotanz ’78 Roanoke Valley Co-Chair
Wendy E. Rotanz ’81 Roanoke Valley Co-Chair
Dale C. Sarjeant ’74 At-Large; Charlotte Co-Chair
Janet V. Sarjeant ’73 Charlotte Co-Chair
Rev. Theodore F. Schneider ’56 Church Relations
John R. Stafford Jr. ’57 Society of 1842; Southwest Virginia / East Tennessee Co-Chair
Thomas A. Stevens ’90 President’s Advisory Board
Jake Tarr ’82 Washington, D.C. Co-Chair
Peter S. Treiber ’69 New York Co-Chair
John R. Turbyfill ’53 At-Large
Munsey S. Wheby ’51 Charlottesville Co-Chair
Helen T. Whittemore ’80 Hampton Roads Co-Chair

Honorary Campaign Steering Committee

C. Homer Bast ’79*
Jean Beamer ’52*
Norman D. Fintel
David M. Gring
Bishop James F. Mauney
Charles R. Moir
Donald M. Sutton Sr. ’54


* Deceased