The Ultimate 3-in-1 Education:

Academic Programs and Faculty Support

Our faculty has pioneered the first phase of an academic program that has changed the way Roanoke educates students and has compelled other college and university deans and presidents to put Roanoke on the U.S. News & World Report’s Up and Coming National Liberal Arts Colleges list. If this initial core program—built to immediately engage new students—can ignite so much excitement, imagine what the full program can do for our students and our reputation.

One of the great strengths of Roanoke has always been professors who know how to help students discover their interests and what they want to do in life. Now we are taking that strength and pushing it to a new level through the curriculum. The next phase is to enhance our already strong majors and to fully develop our experiential programs.

As Dean of the College Richard Smith says, “Roanoke’s focus for academic innovation is to increase the levels of engagement students have each year. The core curriculum draws them into interesting topics while they get an essential, broad foundation of knowledge. The majors give students a deep expertise in a particular area. Our experiential program—research, internships, global study, creative works and service learning—helps students understand how their education applies to the real world.” It is the ultimate 3-in-1 education—broad, deep and experiential.

Our faculty has charted a course to make Roanoke a model of liberal arts education for the 21st century. They have designed the program. Now we need the funding to fully realize it. To continue to recruit and retain great faculty and build the strong majors for which Roanoke is known, we must create endowed chairs and professorships. We must provide teaching and research support so that faculty can continue to work at the forefront of their fields. We must provide program endowments to further our faculty’s innovation at the frontier of liberal arts education.

Roanoke has the potential to integrate experiential learning into a classic liberal arts education in a way that is second to none. The campaign will support this integration and expansion of internship, research, study abroad, service and arts opportunities.

As our dean says, “In this campaign, we are looking for support that will truly push the strategic needs of the academic program forward, directly affecting every student’s education and all of our faculty. We are looking for the support that will put Roanoke at the cutting edge of teaching and learning in a modern world.”

Other Campaign Priorities