Immediate Impact throughout the College:

The Roanoke Fund
Goal: $2,200,000

The Roanoke Fund is the College’s annual giving initiative through which alumni, students, faculty, parents and other friends support Roanoke’s greatest needs each year. The impact of this Fund on the College is so great that it would require an additional $40 million in endowment funds to equal the same level of annual support that the Roanoke Fund currently provides.

Every aspect of what makes Roanoke a great college is powered forward by the Roanoke Fund. Annual giving strengthens academic programs and enhances student life, helps to recruit and retain our renowned faculty, advances our campus infrastructure, supports scholarships and provides equipment for athletic teams, technology for classrooms, resources for research, books for the library and so much more.

Annual gifts to the Roanoke Fund will further each Roanoke Rising initiative as well as all other activities at the College. Giving to the Roanoke Fund is an active and inspiring way to be a philanthropist at any giving level during the campaign and beyond.


Recognition Opportunities:

Young Associates
Heritage Walk
Founders Circle
Maroon Club
Reunion Giving
Senior Class

Other Campaign Priorities