Next-Generation Campus:

New Cregger Center and Science Complex

“Ah-ha!” moments happen regularly on a campus where the Collegiate Gothic architecture and Blue Ridge Mountain views are as uplifting as the people are genuine and friendly. What is it about our campus that makes it so special? Not only its beauty, but also an intangible sense of both home and possibility. Roanoke is a place to be, not just to attend, where you are appreciated for who you are and for who you want to become.

The chief goal of this campaign is to ensure that the Roanoke campus continues to provide the right environment for the transformative education we offer. As part of this campaign, the College has already built new residence halls, renovated academic buildings, upgraded common areas and provided new recreational facilities. It’s clear that the campus is extraordinary, yet two new centers are essential to the College’s future success: the Cregger Center and the Science Complex.

The Cregger Center

The Cregger Center will be a setting for what Roanoke does best—education of mind, body and soul. Already conceptualized, the new center brings academics, athletics, recreation and community engagement under one roof. The new center will include a performance gym with a 2,500-seat capacity and a field house with a 200-meter indoor track. The athletic portion of the complex also will include a fitness center to be used by the entire community, and an athletic training room. New event seating space for 3,500, along with several other social spaces, including dining areas, will allow the College to host outside speakers and events and bring our entire community together in ways that are not currently possible. A literal and metaphorical campus crossroads, the Cregger Center will be a hallmark of best educational practices today—intentionally designed to enhance engagement between and among students and faculty. The center will also serve the larger Roanoke Valley community, hosting academic, cultural and athletic events, and become a flagship for the Roanoke experience.

If you would like to explore an opportunity to name a portion of the Cregger Center, please contact Resource Development at 1-866-724-4831.

Cregger Cam: View construction progress on the Cregger Center.

 “Roanoke College educates the individual in all aspects of his or her life, stressing the values that have made this country great. This new community center provides a long-needed physical hub for many of Roanoke’s strengths. It also will go a long way in vaulting Roanoke into the top echelon of colleges.”

— Morris M. Cregger ’64
Board of Trustees, Chair


New Science Complex

Roanoke has first-rate programs in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, environmental studies, mathematics, neuroscience, physics, psychology and statistics, and pre-professional programs in engineering and medicine. We owe our strength in these programs to a superb faculty, who have achieved so much despite being hampered by a science facility built in 1970. This decades-old facility—intended to prepare a new generation of doctors, engineers and researchers—was built before the information age, before nanoscience, before an emphasis on discovery and solutions at the intersections of science fields. To stay competitive, a cornerstone of the campaign will be to build the first phase of a state-of-the-art science center, which will ultimately link the Life Sciences, Massengill Auditorium and Trexler buildings into a comprehensive complex.

“As a Roanoke College science major, I believe that a first-rate education requires first-rate facilities. Today, Roanoke’s 45-year-old science complex does not reflect the quality science programs housed within. To prepare Roanoke College’s students for a future that will require them to deal with increasingly complex science and technology issues, we need a 21st-century facility with state-of-the art classrooms and laboratories. Future scientists, physicians, teachers and technologists need a facility that supports the education they will require for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.”

—Shaun McConnon ’66
Member, Board of Trustees

Other Campaign Priorities