Keeping Roanoke Affordable:

Scholarships and Student Support

What is any individual student truly capable of? Roanoke is a place to find out. We call it the 90-Degree Turn. Do you remember yours? Maybe it started with the semester you studied art in Italy or with the English professor who noticed your talent for writing. Maybe it was the business class that convinced you to form your own company or the professor who suggested you apply to the top medical school in the country. Or maybe it was the scholarship you got to Roanoke that opened up all of these possibilities for you.

Changing lives is what this College has been doing for generations.

In today’s world, most students need help paying for college. Indeed, every year, more than two-thirds of our students rely on financial aid to attend Roanoke. The College itself depends on financial aid to ensure that we are the best Roanoke we can be. Financial aid allows us to admit talented students who otherwise could not afford to come here. Scholarships attract students at all socioeconomic levels who bring exceptional academic abilities and make for a vibrant community. Through financial aid, we can admit students who are the best fit for Roanoke and who will make the most of all that this great College offers.

During this campaign, our goal is to add millions in new financial aid and scholarship funding to keep Roanoke affordable and accessible to students of all backgrounds, varied interests and aspirations. We also know that if we want to take experiential learning at Roanoke to the next level, we must eliminate the financial barriers individual students have to pursuing these experiences. We are seeking new funds to allow all students to study abroad and to provide more support for undergraduate research, internships, service learning and creative work. Gifts to support need- and merit-based financial aid and to support experiential learning opportunities show students that what matters is their aspirations, not their financial limitations.

Other Campaign Priorities