Why Give

In a town, beside a city, beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a College whose star is on the rise. This star is shooting upward faster, farther, higher than ever before. For its commitment to its students, for its innovative curriculum, for the life changing relationships and experiences fostered here, this College—your College—has caught the eye of many in higher education.

Roanoke has gone from being called the best regional college in the South to a Top 10 Up and Comer among the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. U.S. News & World Report publishes the list, but it was the presidents and deans of other colleges who chose Roanoke—out of thousands of colleges around the country. We didn’t seek it. But those in the know said we deserved it.

By many measures, Roanoke College is in the midst of being recognized as one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges. Is it the accolades we care about? Not at all. It’s what they represent. That this small College—which prizes each student’s potential—has done the work to be a standard of excellence the world over, a star that calls young people to these Blue Ridge Mountains to know what they are truly capable of.

Roanoke has pushed to out-do itself. Just as it stretches its students to do the same. Why? Because the world needs more than business as usual. The world needs people and institutions who out-think, out-perform and out-do the expected.

Roanoke has never been in a better position to build on current strength to secure its place among America’s top colleges. With the momentum of our success, we launched a campaign to enable the College to out-do the expected like never before.

Roanoke Rising: The Campaign for Roanoke College is a transformational moment in the College’s history. Roanoke Rising is a call to action—our call to you. Together, we will catch hold of this rising star and see just how far we can take it.