Goal: $200,000,000

"What excites me most about this campaign is that it fuels the basic human transaction that happens on campus between professor and student, between coach and athlete, between actor and director, between artist and mentor."
– President Mike Maxey

Next-Generation Campus:

New Cregger Center and Science Complex
The chief goal of this campaign is to ensure that the Roanoke campus continues to provide the right environment for the transformative education we offer. As part of this campaign, the College has already built new residence halls, renovated academic buildings, upgraded common areas and provided new recreational facilities. It’s clear that the campus is extraordinary, yet two new centers are essential to the College’s future success: the Cregger Center and the Science Complex. Read more...

The Ultimate 3-in-1 Education:

Academic Programs and Faculty Support
Our faculty has pioneered the first phase of an academic program that has changed the way Roanoke educates students and has compelled other college and university deans and presidents to put Roanoke on the U.S. News & World Report’s Up and Coming National Liberal Arts Colleges list. If this initial core program—built to immediately engage new students—can ignite so much excitement, imagine what the full program can do for our students and our reputation. Read more...

Keeping Roanoke Affordable:

Scholarships and Student Support
What is any individual student truly capable of? Roanoke is a place to find out. We call it the 90-Degree Turn. Do you remember yours? Maybe it started with the semester you studied art in Italy or with the English professor who noticed your talent for writing. Maybe it was the business class that convinced you to form your own company or the professor who suggested you apply to the top medical school in the country. Or maybe it was the scholarship you got to Roanoke that opened up all of these possibilities for you. Read more...

Immediate Impact throughout the College:

The Roanoke Fund
The Roanoke Fund is the College’s annual giving initiative through which alumni, students, faculty, parents and other friends support Roanoke’s greatest needs each year. The impact of this Fund on the College is so great that it would require an additional $40 million in endowment funds to equal the same level of annual support that the Roanoke Fund currently provides. Read more...

A Smart, Bold Future:

The President's Fund for Excellence
How is it that certain individuals and institutions are always in the right place at the right time? Vision is not enough. Agility, anticipation, and an entrepreneurial spirit set leaders apart. Resources bring the vision to life. Read more...